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SAPWeigh was developed as a complete MES system in SAP. It is not only a complete weighing system with scale connection for the pharmaceutical industry, but also controls both flow meters and complex PLC connections (Siemens Communcation Protocol).



  • Minimization of incorrect sample weights

  • Increase in production quality

  • Easy to use

  • Integration to automatic dosing systems

  • Scanner and printer support

  • Supports different scale manufacturers

Characteristics for optimal target achievement:

  • Weighing system in the manufacturing process

  • Complete integration in SAP

  • Online bookings and online data access

  • GMP-compliant design and validation capability

  • "Modifiable by Design"

  • Plant-specific Customizing

Characteristics for optimal target achievement:

  • Possibility of splitting production orders

  • Parts weighing per component

  • Group assignment of components

  • Supports tare presets

  • Ensures scale cleaning and calibration control

  • Electronic signatures

  • posting of good quantities with scales


  • Modular concept with function calls

  • Works with PP and PP-PI setups

  • Supports German, English, French, Turkish, Dutch

  • Integrated in the SAP authorization concept

  • Own management at plant level for individual adaptations

  • At plant level, there is a differentiation between locations that can be individually defined.

Basis for the present performance description are realized projects with different companies. The service description represents the basic features or the common components.

Supplements and individual agreements are to be created in a requirement specification / concept.


SAPWeigh/3 is a weighing system for use on an SAP ERP system from version 4.6B, which is specially designed and implemented for the needs and requirements of the pharmaceutical industry. The technology of the MTOPC connection of scales to an SAP system using the certification-free SAPODA interface, originating from AKR and distributed by Mettler-Toledo, is used as a basis.


The Windows workstations used for weighing do not require any further software installation apart from the SAPGUI application and a Java runtime system.

An essential feature is the complete integration into the SAP system, which eliminates the use of a subsystem. All information is exchanged with the live system so that no time windows arise or data interfaces have to be observed and checked.

The product is in productive use and, as a validated system, complies with the rules of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and the requirements of 21 CFR Part II.


The complete system is delivered as a commented ABAP source in the form of an SAP transport and a development class in the custom name range. This means that the product can be completely transferred to responsibility and maintenance.


The implementation of required enhancements to this basic package is defined in the form of a jointly developed and signed requirement specification.

The delivery already takes place with the addons, so that SAPWeigh/3 is realized as a complete SAP module. The module technology used with table-controlled function module calls nevertheless allows an update to future releases of the basic product SAPWeigh/3 without losing the adjustments.

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