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Various processes require a piece number scale. Reference weights with piece numbers are determined here. These reference weights can be stored in SAP and checked periodically. On the basis of this data, the most varied quantities can be determined in the process on the basis of weights.

This standard procedure can now be individually integrated into the processes.

Example: Reference weighing:


In reference weighing, the reference weight is determined on the basis of the reference parts placed on the reference scale.


The characteristic ZAKR_COUNT_REFANZAHL, for example, describes how many parts are to be placed on the reference scale if it was determined there. Otherwise, the required number is determined dynamically:


  • The operator is prompted to place 10 parts on the machine.

  • The weight is determined.

  • The required accuracy is determined from the tolerance input of the system in table ZAOSIC0001 (current setting 1 %).

  • If a part determined on the reference scale is within this tolerance, the reference number is accepted and the reference weight is stored.

  • If the tolerance cannot be reached, the number is increased by a further 10 parts and the operator is requested to support this number again.

  • If 10 parts cannot already be handled, the number of parts can be reduced using the function button - the achievable tolerance is displayed.

This process is recorded in the audit trail. The reference weighing is then accepted by the system with the minimum quantity.


The function can be carried out at any time either by selecting the tab in the main screen or by prompting if the last value is older than the validity or if the second test weighing has not yet taken place.


The material can be read by input/scanning when manually selected.

The new reference weight is accepted and displayed.

This is recorded in the audit trail.

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