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With its technology, the MTOPC/AOSI SW allows scales and weighing systems to be connected directly to SAP.

A subsystem is completely omitted and a data connection SAP-ODA supported by SAP (as of Release 4.6B) is used. The use of this interface is generally permitted and supported by SAP without individual certification.

This software is available both in a black box variant if scales are to be connected serially and in a VM goods variant if the scales have TCP/IP.

This means that scales in the production and logistics area can now be very easily integrated into existing business processes. The resulting advantages for companies and employees are manifold.

Advantages are

  • No subsystem with maintenance effort

  • Can be used anywhere where access to SAP is available

  • Reduction of costs for an SAP connection

  • Simple integration into the IT structure (such as print servers)

  • Hardware without hard disks, software in flash memory

  • Fully integrated into SAP Standard

  • Weighing can be integrated into SAP GUI as required

  • Simple customizing included in the standard system

  • No modification, add-on or user exit necessary

  • No detailed knowledge of the scale necessary, heterogeneous scale landscape

  • Control of scales directly from the SAP system

  • Automatic transfer of data to SAP

  • Real-time availability of scale data

  • Data storage directly in SAP therefore no backup necessary

  • Scale data available at all SAP workstations without add-on

  • Central availability of data for further use/control

The MTOPC bridge connects the scales directly to SAP. It does not have its own user interface, but is configured to the SAP system to be connected during commissioning using its own configuration program.

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