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1987 Foundation of AKR Computer GmbH - Partner of Toledo System- and  
         Weigh technology

2003 Start of the idea of connecting scales directly to SAP at the request of

         customers, development together with SAP, Mettler and end customers.

         The product AOSI-SW (AKR-OPC-SAP- Interface) was developed.

2004 Connections of various kinds based on this technology and especially

         to SAP

2005 First installations of SAPWeigh as an integrated MES system in SAP

         completely implemented in SAP with SAP ABAP

2006 SapWeigh productive in use since 2006

2009 Replacement of various subsystems with SAPWeigh/3 due to complete

         integration into SAP

2012 Collaboration with Fuijitsu TDS and continuous development of the product

2014 Distribution rights for SAPWeigh awarded to Fujitsu

2017 SAPWeigh productive also ported to SAP S/4 HANA Version

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